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Awesome Open Source Projects

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·Mar 27, 2022·

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Tired of 3rd part analytics, chat support plugins etc. slowing down your apps?

Partytown is a library to help relocate resource-intensive scripts into a web worker, and off of the main thread. Its goal is to help speed up sites by dedicating the main thread to your code and offloading third-party scripts to a web worker.

Super Tokens

Identity is hard and available solutions are really really expensive (did you seek okta pricing page?)

SuperTokens is an open source authentication solution offering features like:

Different types of login: Email / password, Passwordless (OTP or Magic link based), Social / OAuth 2.0 etc... Access control Session management User management Self hosted / managed cloud

Search database

If you don't like the complexity of managing Elastic Search and think algolia is a pricey option

Meilisearch and Zinc Search Engine are really good easy to use options


A library makes it easy to develop RPC APIs

Check out this amazing demo by Jack Herrington to learn more.

tRPC Toutrial


Free, Open source alternative fro Airtable

UI Libraries

mantine - React

  • plus having amazing components, it offers a great collection of utility hooks like useScrollLock, usePagination and useLocalStorage

evergreen - React

Develop software Without code

meet implication it is a Low‑Code open‑source development tool. that helps you develop quality Node.js applications without spending time on repetitive coding tasks.

it's built with NestJS, Prisma, and React for the front-end

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